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The men's team of Table Tennis 2020 during the 2020 Summer Olympics was held on 1-6 August 2021 in the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium. With 16 teams competing, the event was won by the team from China, with Germany taking the silver medal and Japan taking bronze.


The competition exists out of a single head-to-head knockout competition, with each match consisting of two single matches and one doubles match. The first team to win two matches advances to the next round, with the winner of the final winning the event.


Sixteen teams qualified for the event with China as the absolute favorites for the title. The nation had won all available Olympic titles since 2008, and its team featured the entire top 3 of the singles world rankings. Japan and Germany won silver and bronze in 2016 and once again seemed to battle for the remaining medals at the third- and second-seeded teams. South Korea, Sweden, and Brazil were some of the other big teams for the medals, with Chinese Taipei and France also seeded.

Team Athlete
Australia Heming Hu
David Powell
Chris Yan
Brazil Hugo Calderano
Vitor Ishiy
Gustavo Tsuboi
China Fan Zhendong
Ma Long
Xu Xin
Chinese Taipei Cheng Chien-an
Chuang Chuh-yuan
Lin Yun-ju
Croatia Andrej Gacina
Frane Tomislav Kojic
Tomislav Pucar
Egypt Khalid Assar
Omar Assar
Ahmed Saleh
France Alexandre Cassin
Simon Gauzy
Emmanuel Lebesson
Germany Timo Boll
Patrick Franziska
Dimitrij Ovtcharov
Hong Kong Ho Kwan Kit
Lam Siu Hang
Wong Chun Ting
Japan Tomokazu Harimoto
Jun Mizutani
Koki Niwa
Portugal Tiago Apolonia
Marcos Freitas
Joao Monteiro
Serbia Marko Jevtovic
Dimtrije Levajac
Zsolt Peto
Slovenia Darko Jorgic
Deni Kozul
Bojan Tokic
South Korea Jang Woo-jin
Jeoung Young-sik
Lee Sang-su
Sweden Mattias Falck
Anton Kaellberg
Kristian Karlsson
United States Kanak Jha
Nikhil Kumar
Xin Zhou


Round 1

Round 1 Results
Result Result
China China 3 0 Egypt Egypt
Hong Kong Hong Kong 0 3 France France
Brazil Brazil 3 2 Serbia Serbia
Slovenia Slovenia 1 3 South Korea South Korea
Japan Japan 3 0 Australia Australia
United States United States 1 3 Sweden Sweden
Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei 3 0 Croatia Croatia
Portugal Portugal 0 3 Germany Germany


Result Result
China China 3 0 France France
Brazil Brazil 0 3 South Korea South Korea
Japan Japan 3 1 Sweden Sweden
Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei 2 3 Germany Germany


Result Result
China China 3 0 South Korea South Korea
Japan Japan 2 3 Germany Germany


Result Result
China China 3 0 Germany Germany
Bronze medal match
Result Result
South Korea South Korea 1 3 Japan Japan


Result Nation
Gold.png China China
Silver.png Germany Germany
Bronze.png Japan Japan
4 South Korea South Korea
5 Brazil Brazil
5 France France
5 Sweden Sweden
5 Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei
9 Australia Australia
9 Croatia Croatia
9 Egypt Egypt
9 Hong Kong Hong Kong
9 Portugal Portugal
9 Slovenia Slovenia
9 Serbia Serbia
9 United States United States
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