Olympics Wiki

All wikis have rules and guidelines that need to be followed, and Olympics Wiki is no different. Although some of these rules are included in Fandom's Terms of Use, some are listed here again, since they also pertain to this wiki.

Rules and Guidelines


  • Fandom is intended solely to be used by users who are 13 years old or older.
  • Be respectful towards others, don't abuse, harass, insult or intimidate them.
  • Don't solicit personal information from any user with the intent to use it for personal gain.
  • Sockpuppeting is not allowed. Although having multiple accounts is allowed, a second (or third, or fourth...) account is not allowed to evade a block or ban.
  • Listen to others. Administrators will do what they think is right for the wiki. Blocks can be appealed once by writing on the message wall of the admin who blocked you on Community Central.


  • No vandalism. Vandalism can range from adding unnecessary pages and categories or deleting pages to spamming, and it does not help with the development of the wiki.
  • No plagiarism. This wiki is its own source of information, which means that any completely copyrighted content or edit will be removed or reverted.
  • No fictional competitions/results. This wiki is specifically about the Olympic Games and the celebration of it. This does not include fictional competitions or events, or "fanon" content.
  • Stay (relatively) impartial. This wiki is a non-official documentation of Olympic results, athletes, and events, but this does not mean that the wiki favors one nation over another.
  • Only upload images if they are able to be licensed or attributed. For copyright reasons, the images on this wiki should be able to be licensed under at least a non-commercial license, with attributions where needed. Images not able to be licensed or attributed are deleted.
  • Use (official) sources. As mentioned in our Community Portal, the main sources of information come from official press releases of the International Olympic Committee, the respective National Olympic Committees, organizational committees, and the numerous sport federations. This pertains for example to official spelling of athletes' names, results, and processes.
  • Follow community guidelines for formatting. This wiki uses formatting and design that is often used on hundreds of pages. If you start contributing, or start a new page, make sure that this format is followed. This adheres to page design, categories, and wiki structure.
  • Pages should at least exist of 500 bytes upon creation. This is done to prevent the creation of pages that provide no additional information, for example a gallery or an infobox.