"Olympic" video games is a name given to sport video games including more than one event and/or several sports. They are one of the older video game genres, having first appeared with the 1983 arcade classic Track & Field. Since then, numerous titles have been released, usually in the immediate run up to the Olympic Games each game is intended to cover. Official IOC licenses became a norm since the first official game, Olympic Gold, was released in time for the 1992 Summer Olympics.

Evolution and criticismEdit

Companies like Epyx , Accolade, U.S. Gold and Konami developed many of the early games. The genre is often overlooked by the gaming industry and considered little more than a novelty or memorabilia attached to the event, with some considering it as purely an exercise in licensing and merchandise. Gameplay is the common target for detractors, since it usually consists of the 'button mashing' formula used in Track & Field or 'joystick waggling' as used in Daley Thompson's Decathlon.

However, since they are released at regular intervals, they can be used as a way to compare how graphics in computer games have changed over time: from the Color Graphics Adapter graphics of the first Epyx titles to the ever-evolving 3D computer graphics|3D graphics of more modern titles such as Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008.

List of GamesEdit

Official GamesEdit

Unofficial GamesEdit

  • Summer Athletics by Dtp Entertainment
  • Microsoft Decathlon by Microsoft
  • Winter Games by Epyx
  • Summer Games (I and II) by Epyx
  • The Games: Winter Edition by Epyx
  • The Games: Summer Edition by Epyx (Official Game of the USOC for the 1988 Summer Olympics)
  • The Games: Summer Challenge by Accolade
  • The Games: Winter Challenge by Accolade
  • Track & Field series by Konami
  • Sporty by İTE Media Aps

Games on other genres with another Olympic related licenseEdit

  • Team USA Basketball, released for the Barcelona 1992 Basketball tournament with a USOC license
  • Olympic Soccer, released for the Atlanta 1996 football tournament
  • Izzy's Quest for the Olympic Rings, platformer based on Atlanta Games' mascot
  • Actua Ice Hockey, released for the Nagano 1998 ice hockey tournament